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A Summer of Sport Returns

Journal Article from CP Cases

Fri 02, 07 2021

The Return of Sports…

As the heavily awaited easing of restrictions is well underway, the landscape for sport and Outside Broadcast is starting to open up again with worldwide events being scheduled in throughout the summer and autumn months. From the Olympics to Formula 1, Wimbledon to the Euros – sport is set to return with a bang this summer and travel is set to resume. With this in mind we wanted to ask the question…is your equipment protected? Don’t worry if it hasn’t been your number one priority, CP Cases are on hand to cater to your needs.

Whether it is waterproof camera covers or shower hoods for use at the most prestigious sports and live events, portable and rugged cases for equipment protection in transit, or 19-inch rackmount enclosures for OB communication – our range has got you covered for the return of live sports this summer…

We have a wide variety of products for the broadcast and professional media market – take a look or you can with any customisation enquiries or questions.

Introduction to CP Cases

CP Cases Ltd design and manufacture high-performance 19” racks, cases and rugged textiles for OB, EFP and ENG broadcasting equipment and cameras. We are trusted when it matters for the protection, storage and transport of your valuable equipment. We cater to a variety of needs for different Broadcast professionals – from ENG news cameramen to the high-end broadcasters. We provide a wide range of bags, camera covers, rotomoulded cases and TV cases with practical designs; using quality tested materials that provide ease of transportation whilst keeping maximum protection.

2021 is a key year for us as it marks our big 50th milestone, and what a year it is to celebrate. We are proud of what CP Cases has achieved in the past 50 years, working hard to get to the footing we are at today. This foundation has shaped an exceptional business model that’s providing engineering solutions to companies and assisting in different industries. We are honoured to be building on that foundation and creating CP Cases’ next phase of growth and evolution. Here is to the next 50!

With 5 decades worth of expertise in the manufacturing industry, we are confident we have the perfect formula. The innovation, durability and high-performance materials guarantee that CP Cases is the case provider of choice for transport, operation and storage situations.

We strive for innovative designs using new advanced materials to produce tougher, lighter, more cost-effective products. Whilst keeping our eye on the practical nature of our products, we realise that presentation is highly important and directly reflects on our customers, so we ensure that our product not only works effectively but also looks the business as well.

We have worked with a range of different clients within the Broadcast industry including large television companies, news gathering organisations, large manufacturers, hire companies and freelancers. Our products are specially tailored to meet the exact requirements of any professional users within this sector and we work together with the customer to achieve the optimum end result.

19” Portable Racks & Enclosures for OB Communication

Our 19-inch SatRack is a lightweight rackmount enclosure specially designed for satellite uplinks and other applications where 19-inch electronic equipment needs to be transported with ease and deployed without damage.

The SatRack is encased in a featherweight, weatherproof, honeycomb PP shell with a ruggedised fabric outer cover for maximum protection, operation and transportation.

The inner chassis is suspended with 8x elastomeric shock-mounts to provide optimum sway space & isolation between the chassis and the outer shell. Alternative suspension configurations are available to suit different payloads.

The 19" SatRack represents a leap forward in 19" portable rack design that allows high levels of protection for the transportation of 19" equipment as checked airline luggage. This benefits broadcast companies when travelling overseas for events as all equipment can be safely packed up and easily transported.

There are a number of different hurdles that have to be overcome within outside broadcast projects, and at CP Cases one of our specialisms is manufacturing industry-leading equipment that allows you to do this.

Waterproof OB Camera Rain Covers

Our ruggedised Camera Rain Covers protect outside event broadcasting equipment from extreme weather conditions including fast wind and driving rain; perfect for that unpredictable British weather.

From HD to 4K cameras, our custom covers can be specifically designed to protect remote camera heads and all types of camera bodies and lenses. Each cover is designed to provide sufficient internal airflow, and also minimise the risk of overheating by a variety of venting solutions.

Advances in textile manufacturing technology ensure custom designs provide cameramen with free and ergonomic access to controls and connections, without compromising operation and protection.

All of our camera covers can be manufactured in a variety of coloured textiles and be branded to any customer requirements. We also offer transparent pockets for identification labels that can be accommodated to customers’ requests, and we offer a range of accessories which include Over Night Covers and Zipped Storage Pouches for all our covers and shower hoods.

Portable & Rugged Camera Cases

We manufacture a range of standard size aluminium and rotomoulded cases for the film and broadcast industry. These are used widely in OB trucks by large electronics technologies companies. Our aluminium AluCurve Cases and in-house rotomoulded Amazon Cases offer exceptional protection with a modern and stylish finish.

Our AluCurve Cases are manufactured without a corner weld to prevent seam splitting and to give a smooth finish and come with pre pressed corners for extra strength that can be customised and branded with corner ‘smarties’.  Our Amazon Cases are rotomoulded from a high-quality polyethylene polymer that is extremely tough and waterproof; perfect for protection during transit.

Our ruggedised weatherproof rotomoulded cases are designed to securely house cameras and ancillary equipment. All cases are lightweight, transportable and conform to IATA standards. Protective cases can also be supplied with CNC custom routed foam inserts. These inserts are made from the highest quality CNC routed foam designed specifically cut for each individual camera or piece of equipment and can be customised should you need a different configuration in your case; this gives our customers the confidence that their equipment will be completely protected during travel and against the elements.


At CP Cases we pride ourselves on meeting the exact needs of clients across a huge range of industries, and we’ve been developing and improving our products for over 50 years.

We have a wide variety of products for the broadcast and professional media market – take a look via our website or you can talk to our friendly team with any customisation enquiries or questions.

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