Accedo: Tata Play Binge Mobile App

Accedo: Tata Play Binge Mobile App

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Accedo: Tata Play Binge Mobile App

Journal Article by Accedo

Tue 20, 12 2022

Amidst India’s rapidly evolving video landscape it is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to discover the content of their choice. Currently, in India there are many OTT apps, each with vast content libraries consumers have to download, register, subscribe, use and renew separately. Key features like content recommendations based on watching history, resume watching incomplete content etc are also specific to each app.

The Tata Play Binge Mobile App aggregates movies, web series, tv shows, live sports and other genres from 14+ OTT apps in a single mobile app; with a single login, subscription and interface. The Tata Play Binge App offers mass appeal with content available, whilst maintaining nuances for regional audiences. 

Users can access a wide range of content including 20,000+ movies, 8000+ web series Live sports, Documentaries, Kids shows, and more, from the 14+ partner OTT apps. Content is available in over 10+ genres and 14+ languages, with regional being one of the key pillars for the India market.

Designed to maximize consumer convenience, the Binge app eliminates the need to download and subscribe to multiple OTT apps, offering everything in a single login, subscription, and interface with content from most apps opening inside the app, meaning users don’t have to download any other partner OTT apps. Users are offered further convenience with the ability to browse by apps, genres, languages, trending and continue watching rails. Furthermore, the app was designed to get the consumers to video playback in the fewest steps possible, keeping it simple to discover and navigate, whilst still showcasing the depth and breadth of content.

It has a seamless UI which takes a content-first approach and enables customers to focus on what to watch rather than where. It eases discovery further with a single universal voice-enabled search, which searches for content across all the partner apps and gives real-time results to the users.

Accedo was tasked with developing a highly customized user experience for the Binge app providing an end-to-end solution and acting as the prime system integrator. Accedo’s extensive front-end experience meant it was able to quickly develop an offering to realize Tata Play’s objectives.

Along with a wide range of free content, premium content watching starts at as low as Rs. 59. The intuitive pack selection journey clearly compares the various plans as well as bringing out the USP of each and gives the users flexibility to choose their preferred apps.

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