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Achieving Digital Superiority

White Paper from Omdia, in partnership with Oracle

Wed 03, 02 2021

Omdia, in partnership with Oracle, interviewed heads of service, marketing, operations, revenue, information, and technology across media & entertainment firms (M&E). The interviews were conducted in May 2020 across the B2C publishing, broadcasting, digital media, filming and entertainment studios, gaming, and sports franchises sub-categories to determine their level of involvement and progress toward digital transformation. The survey also aimed to seek insights to help highlight the critical technologies that enable proactive and relevant digital customer engagements, as well as reveal the barriers to digital transformation.

This resulting Omdia research highlights the business and technological challenges Media & Entertainment firms face in orchestrating engagement with prospects and customers across channels, devices, and their enterprises while monetizing content. It also highlights insights that reveal maturity levels of the core CX capabilities and technologies that are helping to achieve success; as well as future investment plans in emerging technology and digital to enable enterprise omni-channel engagement.

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