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Advanced IP Networks for Engineers

This 2 day course builds on the content covered in the IP Network Essentials for Engineers course giving more detail on the protocols involved in streaming video across IP networks.


Delegates will build practical networks hands-on to deliver unicast video streams across routed and switched networks. The resilience of the network to deliver video streams at layer 2 (spanning tree / rapid spanning tree) will be compared and contrasted practically with the failover of routing protocols at layer 3 (OSPF routing protocol). Layer 3 switches will be used for interconnecting networks and typical commands required for these exercises will be covered on the course.

This course can be delivered online in the current climate and can also be customised on request.

Please note, Delegates should have attended the ‘Network Essentials for Engineers’ course or have the equivalent knowledge and experience.


This course is run on demand and can be delivered at a location to suit you. Due to the bespoke nature of both the delivery and the content of these courses, please click the button below to request further information and we will be able to put together a quote based on your needs.

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