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Anevia eBook – What the 2018 World Cup has taught us about video streaming.

Fri 14, 12 2018

This business-focused eBook is the first of a two-part series. Part 2 will address the technology aspects of stream delay reduction.

Over the past eight years, more and more people have watched FIFA world cup football matches over the Internet, reaching new highs every year. But this year, it’s not just the growth that was spectacular, but absolute numbers: online streaming of FIFA 2018 smashed all records with 70 million viewers in a country like India, where football isn’t a national sport.

The disruptive novelty is that for most millennials, streaming is their A-plan, and broadcast is the backup. By 2022, when Qatar hosts the FIFA event, this could potentially go way beyond millennials to reach the general population. As a mainstream solution Over-the-Top will be used to ‘just watch’ live content.

Live streaming is just starting to enter the mainstream though, and to convince viewers it needs to deliver the same kind of experience that people are used to getting through broadcast TV. The main difference that we still see between OTT streaming and broadcast is stream delay.

This issue is becoming critical for many service providers and in this eBook, we look at why the entire value chain is adopting Low Latency strategies to reduce delay.


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