IABM Design & Innovation Awards 2017 – Winners

Acquisition and Production

EVS – X.ONE Single operator live multicam production

“Today’s consumers expect access to more live events than ever before. it’s not only traditional broadcasters but also brands, media companies, social media and internet platforms that need to produce broadcast-quality live content using smaller-scale resources. This product is the future of event coverage.”

Post Production

ZOO Digital – ZOOdubs – the entertainment industry’s first cloud-based dubbing service

“Not just an app but an entire service. An elegant use of the cloud that leverages all its advantages of speed, flexibility and scalability to transform the process. A real innovation of how dubbing will work in the future.”

Content & Communication Infrastructure

Artel Video Systems – SMART Media Delivery Platform™

“Very useful product with very large application space. Spot on industry demand, flexible and upgradeable platform supporting all relevant standards. Perfect for small, remote network edge applications. Excellent innovation.”


Lawo – mc²96 Grand Production Console

“At last, a console that takes account of the fact that audio mixing for television requires the ability to see as well as hear an incoming source before taking the audio to air. A very exciting product that looks to be very intuitive to use.”


EditShare – New EFS Single-Node Scale Out Storage Technology

“This product creates new opportunities for small production facilities by allowing them to tackle high data rate projects, such as Ultra HD, without the need to invest in a large and expensive storage cluster. This will be most welcome to many small post production companies, encouraging better processes.”

System Automation & Control

Merging Technologies – ANEMAN Audio Network Manager

“Impressive technology with an interoperable and open platform. They have identified a critical core problem faced by the technical staff and developed an elegant solution. This is an innovative product that solves a real and universal challenge.”

Playout & Delivery Systems

NeuLion – Virtual Announcer

“Making live sports production chains work in the cloud is a real challenge, but also a business where cloud technologies should be able to offer real business benefit. This is a real step in the right direction.”

Test quality control & monitoring

Conviva – Video AI Alerts: Artificial Intelligence for Streaming Video Delivery

“Addresses a serious, growing problem of monitoring hundreds of different renditions of video assets required for OTT distribution. Huge potential for this product area, they have gripped the key issues. Innovative use of AI technology allows for the intelligent (useful) and timely interpretation of metadata.”


Edgeware – Forensic watermarking: a sea change for content piracy

“This is a key service that the industry requires to protect all aspects of the supply chain. This innovative watermarking technology promises to dramatically curb theft by enabling content owners to rapidly feel the collar of the culprit.”


Evertz Microsystems Ltd. – Large Scale Migration Of Linear Playout and Media Processing To The Public Cloud

“A ground-breaking implementation to migrate traditional playout services to a public cloud environment, allowing a huge flexibility to add or change services very cost effectively as business requirements arise in the future. Theory meets practice in this comprehensive, partnership-driven solution.”