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Compliance recording

Automated recording of linear radio and television channels as-broadcast for review, regulatory compliance and advertising validation.

Bluefish444 Epoch | 4K Supernova S+

4K, UHD, 2K, HD & SD video and audio I/O card for professional video workflows

Qligent Vision

Enables real-time broadcast compliance monitoring and reporting.


MSX is an extremely powerful monitoring system providing end to end monitoring of subtitles.

Matrox X.mio5 Q25

ST 2110 network card for IP workflows from HD to 4K

Matrox DSX Core

Cloud-Based Media Processing

Matrox M264 Family

Instant density and quality boost for H.264 encoding and decoding

Matrox X.mio3 FH

Multi-channel reconfigurable SDI I/O with hardware processing

Matrox X.mio3 LP

Multi-channel reconfigurable SDI I/O low profile with hardware processing

Matrox X.mio3 12G

Multi-channel 12G SDI with onboard 4K video processing and HD simulcast

Matrox DSX LE4 LP

Multi-channel reconfigurable SDI I/O low-profile card

Matrox DSX LE4 BNC

Reconfigurable Multi-channel SDI card with full size BNC

Matrox X.mio3 IP

Multi-channel video I/O over 10 GbE plus onboard video processing