Off-line/archive storage

Off-line and "cold" archive storage including MAID disks, data tape library systems and optical archive systems.

PreRoll Post

An LTFS archiving app for long term storage on LTO tapes with a built in database for retrieval.

EditShare EFS 40NL

The EFS 40NL is designed for parking media from your high speed production storage

MatrixStore On-Prem

The only on-prem object storage platform designed for media companies and creative professionals.


An LTFS archiving application for long term storage on LTO tapes.


HyperIQ provides a visual platform to view system health, performance, and usage

HyperStore Xtreme

The industry’s highest storage density, letting you make the most of your space and your budget.

Cloudian HyperStore

A scale-out object storage system designed to manage massive amounts of unstructured data.

Archiware P5 Archive

A long-term storage solution that catalogues and moves data to disk, LTO tape and the cloud.

MediaScaleX // Storage

A software-defined, multi-performance, object storage platform for all Media use cases