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Designing Data-Driven Media Supply Chains

22 - 23 September 2021


The third quarter of the year will focus on designing data-driven media supply chains. This includes AI and ML technology to create, manage and deliver content, the increasing reliance on data to power media’s digital transformation as well as evidence-driven supply chain management enabling informed decision-making at media organizations.

  • Technology: Technology enabling trends prediction and workflow automation, including AI and Machine Learning
  • Sectors/Activities: Media Supply Chain Management, Digital Transformation
  • Content Chain: Manage and Support
  • Business Spotlight: Business case for data-driven solutions in media, data privacy and management, using content and operational data to drive ROI at media organizations


Orchestrating media supply chains with data (Orchestration/Automation/Automation)
How can data help media companies orchestrate content and workflows more efficiently?

Governing media supply chains with data (Security/Monitoring/Support angle)
How can data help media companies govern supply chains?

Transparent data flows in media supply chains (Data Management/Privacy/Support angle)
Building connected data pipelines and tackling privacy.

AI/ML transformation (General/Tech/AI/ML angle)
Session focused on artificial intelligence’s application and its future developments.

Making sense of consumers with data (Consumer data/Manage angle)
Session focused on understanding consumers with data.

Making Sense of content with data (Metadata/Manage angle)
Session focused on understanding content with data.

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