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BaM™ Product Highlight: Singular.Live

Wed 13, 11 2019

Singular.Live - Interactive Digital Overlays

Singular is a revolutionary platform that is on a mission to transform our industry.

Already working on some high profile projects with big name clients, we’ve made great strides already, however we are still very young, very small and trying to revolutionise an industry that has been working in the same way for decades. It’s a pretty massive undertaking but one that we are passionate about, because we’ve spent the last couple of decades leading our industry and we know it has to change.

For a startup like Singular, awareness and recognition are absolutely crucial. When people become aware of our platform and our mission they are mostly excited and supportive of what we are doing. So getting the word out is essential, not least because in order to make Singular a platform that is accessible and affordable to anyone, we need a lot of users and partners to make it a success.

It's great to see a solution enabling content creators, live streamers and influencers to deliver professional results. This takes on-air branding graphics to the next level by making them completely virtualised and cloud-based - and most importantly, accessible to the smallest content operations.

IABM Judge

The IABM have been an amazing champion for Singular, acknowledging our work, giving us a platform to spread the word and even helping support our Singular For Schools initiative to help train the next generation of talent in our industry. All of this makes a huge difference to us and will genuinely play a role in determining the success or otherwise of our mission.

Winning the BaM at IBC was a shock because we were up against some really fantastic competition, but it says a lot about the IABM that they were able to treat each entrant on it’s own merit without reference to the size of the company behind it. Industry recognition is a very welcome honour and one that meant a great deal to the whole team who have dedicated so much time and effort to building Singular.

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