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BaM™ Product Highlight: Skyline Communications Dataminer

Thu 07, 11 2019


With the migration to all-IP, the deployment of virtualized products and the integration of a multitude of cloud services, the media industry is facing plenty of new challenges such as dealing with non-linear behavior of ecosystems, maintaining a secure environment and a complexity that goes beyond the human understanding. This leads to a new era in which everybody will be in a constant state of transition. Leveraging all that flexible technology and consolidating it in an agile end-to-end operation is the ultimate goal.

The new DataMiner X is all about enabling you to catch those continuous waves of transition in an ever more agile operation.

DataMiner Dashboards visualize the most complex ecosystems. Using off-the-shelf graphical components, any piece of information from across your entire operation can be simply dropped into your dashboards with a single gesture.

Fully user-definable DataMiner Apps enable you to literally handpick data and control workflows transparently across the entire operation, and to bundle them on the fly in easy-to-use and highly intuitive apps.

“Secures the vital PTP aspects of IP infrastructures. With the integration of PTP and flow management in the DataMiner off-the-shelf platform, media operators have the right solution to successfully make the transition to all-IP and are able to adopt to future workflows that are still unknown.”

IABM Judge

DataMiner Cloud Services offer a seamless extension of your DataMiner System, irrespective of whether you deployed it on premises, off premises or in a hybrid constellation. Share any data or controls on the fly and effortlessly, across your entire operation.

DataMiner Service and Resource Manager (SRM) includes a wealth of new features, such as full life cycle service orchestration and support for non-linear services, and truly enables you to leverage any technology from any vendor, on premises or off premises, and to deliver the most sophisticated end-to-end services as if they were a commodity.

With DataMiner Augmented Operations cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning is fully embraced, sophisticated capabilities such as automated pattern recognition and automated incident identification have been added to the DataMiner platform.

Finally, collaboration is key in an agile operation. DataMiner redefines how agile teams can interact with each other and their end-to-end operational systems. DataMiner Collaboration features innovative capabilities to share live operational data such as integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

“A perfect real-world example of how DataMiner enables broadcasters and media operations unlocking the potential of a flexible SMPTE-2110 infrastructure is our DataMiner PTP Management and ST2110 Media Flow Tracking Solution,” commented Thomas Gunkel, Market Director Broadcast at Skyline Communications. “DataMiner provides a global real-time view on PTP. It not only constantly indicates the current Grandmaster and monitors and compares PTP metrics and counters, it also integrates third-party PTP and network analyzers to get an in-depth view into the PTP network traffic. Identifying and visualizing the video and audio signals in a media network is another DataMiner key capability. Next to a detailed view on all streams, issues are proactively detected and operators are warned in case of service degradations or outages.”

“The nomination for the prestigious Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award® shows that DataMiner has already been recognized as the number one platform for orchestration and monitoring by the biggest broadcasters around the globe,” said Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “The world is in a constant state of change, and so is the business of our customers. When you’re in the middle of a transition, you must already adapt to shifting needs in the market or prepare for the next transition, while at the same time capitalizing it. DataMiner X is meticulously designed for that specific purpose, a very clever new take on the whole subject of orchestrating and managing an operation in the newly emerging world of our customers. And at the end of the day, it is this kind of technology that will be the definitive factor for a successful operation.”

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