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BaM™ Product Highlight: Telestream OptiQ

Thu 14, 11 2019

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Telestream - OptiQ

Telestream winning an IABM BaM Award for OptiQ Channel this year was a key moment in the evolution of this new and radically different approach to the channel creation challenge. The product gained its worldwide debut at NAB: market reaction has been spectacular and the BaM award was the ultimate seal of approval for this important product.

It is worth explaining more about OptiQ Channel. It is a solution for one-click OTT video channel creation in cloud environments.  It has a number of key elements to it that the industry is looking for:

  • Instant channel creation (minutes)
  • Integrated monitoring throughout
  • Multi-cloud support
  • Pay as you go/subscription business model

OptiQ is a merging of the entire Telestream skill set around live streaming, workflow, cloud, integrated monitoring, containers and much more: it is an ambitious project and the intention is that the initial release will be a SaaS offering. 

Telestream customer research highlights the importance of ‘dynamic innovation’ where organizations can rapidly startup new video services, quickly scale up if needed and shut down if they aren’t. Also, when at on-premise capacity due to multiple major events, content providers have to leave valuable additional content on the shelf due to lack of streaming infrastructure.

Great product that enables much more dynamic and easy to create opportunistic OTT channels based on events or late breaking news. Good approach to innovating more and more of the broadcast supply chain into the virtual world!

IABM Judge

OptiQ provides a migration path to hybrid cloud/on-premise capabilities for content providers that do not have the skill-set to embrace cloud.  The solution also addresses the needs of content providers that want to have the choice of which cloud provider to use: many do not want to be tied to a single provider or want to migrate away from or de-risk their current provider, but simply do not have the choice. 

The intention is that OptiQ Channel will support most major cloud providers, in addition to on-premise data centers at a later stage.

OptiQ Channel enables the integration of the latest encoding/packaging capabilities that may not be available in legacy on-premise architectures.  Video streaming is constantly evolving, and by leveraging the cloud for streaming, content providers will be able to access the latest capabilities available. Maintenance offload, and additional capacity during peak loads are also an advantage, in addition to empowering trials of new channels and allowing companies to build confidence in cloud migration.

In moving to a dynamic software architecture where capabilities can be instantiated on demand, Telestream is enabling significant new possibilities for self-healing and self-optimizing architectures. A critical piece of this is a real-time feedback loop, where Telestream iQ solutions form a key differentiator.  By combining dynamic orchestration with real-time diagnostics, we start paving the way for true self-X capabilities around video streaming.

Telestream is busy presenting OptiQ Channel to potential customers worldwide. Being able to say it won an IABM BaM award helps open doors in broadcasters, network operators, telecoms companies and media organizations everywhere.

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