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BaM™ Product Highlight: Tracis Lens Scanner

Mon 25, 11 2019

Vocas & Tracis - Tracis Lens Scanner

Tracis and Vocas Systems & Service are honored to have received a BaM award for Tracis’s first-ever product: the Tracis Lens Scanner. Tracis is a startup based in Silicon Valley, California, focused on using modern software capabilities in the optics industry. Vocas is an experienced manufacturer of optical measurement devices, having worked in that market for more than 25 years. Together, they’re introducing a new way of doing lens condition assessments.

All rental companies have had damaged lenses. All production companies have dealt with disagreements over the condition of the lenses they’ve rented.

Damage leads to many issues, from knowing when the lens was damaged, to knowing who was responsible and should pay the insurance deductible.

The Tracis Lens Scanner will solve these problems by providing a quick, reliable and certified way of tracking the condition of a lens before and after every rental.

Revolutionary new lens checker

After every rental, best practice is to check each lens for damage, dust, or other condition changes. Manual lens checks are time-consuming and prone to human error. They are difficult to record, compare, and use when subtle damage is spotted.

The Tracis Lens Scanner automatically creates a 3D map of any damage in the lens light path, such as scratches, coating issues, dust, mold, and so forth. A scan takes only about a minute, and produces a report that’s easy to read, and that’s easy to compare with previous reports.

Improve your workflow

The Tracis Scanner is easy to use for anyone: insert the lens, press a button, and wait a minute. Rental companies can use it as part of the day-to-day workflow when checking lenses in and out. While previously lenses might have waited for days for their post-rental inspections, now they’ll be available for the next rental in a matter of minutes, without compromising on tracking. 

Great to see a simple, but innovative solution addressing a real-world problem. The Tracis Lens Scanner performs a fully automatic optical scan of the lens and shows issues like scratches and dust. A niche market, but very cool technology.

IABM Judge

Certified results    

Tracis certifies its scan reports, for an impartial assessment that everyone can trust: from Camera Assistants and production companies, to insurance providers or rental companies doing subrentals. With a Tracis report you can have an easier discussion about liability for lens condition changes - everyone knows there is no “judgement call”.

Connected and always improving

The “secret sauce” for the Tracis Scanner is that it draws on the power of cloud-based algorithms that use modern distributed systems computing. It uses those to provide computationally intensive insights, and to learn from the data it gathers. The service is provided on a subscription basis and each Tracis Scanner will get even smarter over time: new features, updates and improvements will continue to increase ROI for years to come.

Honored by a BaM award

Tracis is honored to have received a BaM award for its Lens Scanner. That recognition accelerates the continued development of the Lens Scanner’s capabilities, as it shows crucial Silicon Valley software experts and investors (who are often unfamiliar with the optics industry) that the Lens Scanner is indeed an exciting new development for its target market.

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