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Blackbird Ascent

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Blackbird Ascent is a simple and intuitive easy-clip cloud-native editor that requires virtually no training, enabling anyone in your workforce to create video.  It is designed for professionals who are not editors such as marketers, journalists, and social media experts to frame-accurately create event highlights from live or recorded sources and rapidly publish them to the web.

Ascent is powered by the exceptional Blackbird Cloud platform which enables both live and non-live workflows to directly access, view and clip your content for a precise publish, conform and delivery to multiple platforms, in a variety of standards.

For live event workflows such as news, sports and eSports, Ascent provides easy access to content during the event. Ascent has super-low latency against live sources from growing content provided by any combination of IP streams, growing files or baseband video.

For non-live workflows such as post-event highlights, archive monetization workflows or for simply providing longer term access to content from any repository, Ascent provides a rich, familiar and collaborative user experience with the power of multi-platform publishing.

Ascent is an amazing alternative to complicated costly workstation level editing applications, delivering rich metadata exchanges with your current editing tools.

Blackbird Ascent benefits include:

  • Frame-accurate video clipping in the cloud

  • Blistering speed in the cloud

  • Rapidly publish highlight clips anytime, anywhere

  • Leave costly workstations behind and enter the cloud

  • Experience a workstation experience in the cloud

Email: to find out more about Blackbird Ascent.