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BMS Avatega Schedule

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For users looking to simplify their planning and scheduling processes, Avatega Schedule offers a number of key innovations that bring significant gain both in efficiency and effectiveness.

Avatega revolutionises channel management by automating all the repetitive tasks in the scheduling process, massively reducing the time it takes to populate both linear and non-linear schedules. Uniquely, Avatega also maximises the return on content by ensuring that purchased rights are used before they expire. However none of this functionality comes at the expense on control with an intuitive interface enabling the definition and prioritization of rules and goals for each channel that fulfil the business needs as well as the specification of fixed program elements such as news bulletins.

Avatega integrates tightly into media asset management (MAM) systems to ensure the availability and quality of planned programs. As well as automating the execution of ingest requests, the MAM can send back structural and technical metadata as well as QC reports to ensure regulatory compliance and that subjective and objective quality meets appropriate standards. Integration to MAM also enables users to preview and plan programs in the same interface, further aiding the scheduling process.