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BT Media Move | BT Media & Broadcast

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Moving files can be a headache. File transfer software is complicated and leaves you wondering if your files have arrived at their destinations. We make it simple to always know what’s going on. You’ll get an email confirmation when each package of files is sent and again when each recipient picks them up.



How does Media Move work?


1.  Drag and drop files into our web portal or app. We’ll send you an email when they’re uploaded and ready to be collected.


2.  Choose one or more recipients. Enter their email addresses or pick them from a list of Media Move users.


3.  Encrypt your files: We store files centrally in servers that are fully managed and secure.  We encrypt files using Aspera’s industry-leading software – FASP™.


4.  Take the fastest route: We use software by Aspera to speed up transfers.


5.  Download files automatically: Use software called Aspera Cargo to decrypt files and download them to your desktop.


6.  Know when your file’s been downloaded: We’ll confirm your chosen recipients have downloaded your file. Look out for the email. And we’ll keep your records up to date by adding the transfer to your log.