C7R/C10R KNOWLED RGBWW Creative Bulb

C7R/C10R KNOWLED RGBWW Creative Bulb

C7R/C10R KNOWLED RGBWW Creative Bulb

C7R/C10R KNOWLED RGBWW Creative Bulb


Reliable Brightness

The KNOMAD RGBWW Creative Bulb guarantees consistent output regardless of temperature or battery level fluctuations, ensuring reliable brightness when shooting footage. With adjustable color temperature ranging from 2000K to 10000K and magenta-green adjustment, the bulb seamlessly blends with white light, enhancing shots with depth and visual interest.

Customize Atmosphere

Use this RGB bulb to create the specific atmosphere you want, such as a sense of horror, or to express a certain emotion, such as sadness or tension. Its fully adjustable colors make it easy to change the tone of the movie screen and add emotional impact to your work, giving you a creative boost.

Free Creation

Experience creative freedom with the C7R. Equipped with a powerful built-in battery, you can use it wherever and whenever inspiration strikes, no longer limited by the availability of power sources. With this tool, you can bring your movie scenes to life exactly as you imagined them.

Easy On-board Control

Reset Bluetooth with ease and boost the efficiency of multi-light setup with just a long press of the FN button. Quickly switch between CCT/RGB modes, check battery levels, and adjust brightness with a 10% precision using the onboard control button.

Godox Light App for Total Control

The 3.0 version of Godox Light App enables bulb grouping, stepless dimming from 0-100, selection of color temperature between 2000K to 10000K, and adjustment of the magenta-green adjustment. Additionally, it offers multiple color selection modes, including HSI, RGB, gel, and color picker, as well as 14 built-in lighting effects that can be finely tuned.

Cinema-Grade Lighting

Experience stunning lighting effects that transform your scene with the KNOWLED RGBWW Creative Bulb. With a high CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 97, it brings vividness to your movie scenes and and enhances realism without any flickering. This cinema-grade RGB bulb elevates the quality of your creative work to a whole new level.

Two Models: C7R and C10R

The KNOWLED RGBWW Creative Bulb provides two models, allowing for customization based on your specific requirements. The C7R features a built-in battery, offering independent illumination with a 7W power output. C10R the version without built in battery offers a higher output of 10W.

Flexible Power Options

Both the C7R and C10R have the flexibility to be powered by either AC or DC power sources. We offer E26 and E27 light bulbs that are compatible with the lamp sockets in your region. Moreover, these bulbs can conveniently connect to external power banks through the Type-C interface.

Lighting Made Easy

Enhance your lighting experience with optional accessories: The Round Cup Bouncer adjusts beam angle and brightness effortlessly. Our Magnetic Lamp Socket ensures a secure attachment of bulbs to metal surfaces, while its bottom and sides feature a 1/4 screw hole design, allowing for versatile hanging and side-mounting options. It’s the perfect solution for on-set lighting tasks.

8-light Charging Kit

For C7R, there is a choice of eight-light charging kits available that allows simultaneous charging of eight bulbs, enhancing charging efficiency and providing easy portability. The kit includes complementary accessories.

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