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Zoom Servo Drive Chrosziel CDM-MK-Z

Camera lens accessories

Award-winning Chrosziel CDM-MK-Z is designed for the Fujinon MK 18-55mm T2.9, Fujinon MK 50-135mm T2.9 and other compatible lenses. The compact housing contains a digital servo motor, the gear and a PCB with CPU. With the new product Chrosziel addresses all users of broadcast, documentary and related sectors who need a lightweight, reasonably priced and easy to mount zoom motor unit.

The Sony FS5, FS7, F5 or F55 operator may choose from four different zoom modes: EB / Documentary Mode, Live / Hardcut Mode, Direct Mode and Silent Mode. The fine tuning of the zoom curves took place during a workshop with Uli Mors in Dortmund, Germany. Here, Chrosziel cooperated with experienced camera operators to achieve best results for image control.

The main goal was to find ways using the full capacity of the LANC protocol and the Sony handgrip to cover a huge range of applications. Additional control commands are immediately looped through to the camera (e.g. menu / user buttons). Thus, makes the CDM-MK-Z the perfect accessory for Sony cameras and Fujinon MK lenses.

The mounting of the Lens Motorization MK-Zoom is very comfortable. Just screw the two captive screws into the threads of the Fujinon MK Zoom lens, connect the D-Tap power cable with the appropriate camera port and the two Jack cables with the handgrip and the camera.

The slightly rounded CDM-MK-Z housing fits perfectly with the lens. The gear meshes exactly with the zoom gear ring of the lens. The integrated PCB with CPU of the zoom motor sets instantaneously control commands that come from a SONY or any other LANC-compatible handle.

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