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Cognitive Indexing

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Newsbridge Cognitive Indexing

Indexing The Unknown. Production teams are flooded with endless rushes and photos everyday. It has become nearly impossible to index everything manually.

Newsbridge's disruptive AI technology and cognitive indexing helps you highlight the value out of your media assets, making them searchable, re-usabable and resellable.

⚡ Find the needle in a haystack instantly

Your content is automatically enriched with cognitive metadata that is editable and searchable. Scalable and parallel indexing allows you to process extremely large amounts of media assets. Searchability + Re-usability = ROI.

📔 Custom Thesaurus & Deep Learning

Manage your thesaurus directly in a user-friendly interface. Train the AI to recognize key people, objects or actions. Import and sync your existing thesaurus to extend your collective intelligence.

🔍 Cognitive Search

A search engine that narrows down only relevant sequences matching your query by leveraging time-stamped metadata.

🔜 Logo Detection

Coming soon! Another level of brand awareness.