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Whether it’s for contribution or distribution, full-time or occasional use, the LTN LEAF with integrated encoder and decoder options is the perfect solution for transmitting or receiving low-latency live video via the LTN Network ecosystem. The LTN LEAF combines access to the LTN video transmission network as well as SD or HD encoding and/or decoding into a single compact 1-rack-unit device. The LTN LEAF requires minimal on-site setup. Once the appliance is connected at a user location, it automatically accesses LTN Global’s fully managed global IP network via a business-class Internet connection. The user’s site then is ready to transmit and receive live video, with LTN’s IP transmission service providing rock-solid reliability, broadcast quality and global reach.LTN LEAF is an integrated appliance that provides the flexibility of multiple encode and decode configurations and provides a cost-effective, fully managed solution for transmitting or receiving broadcast-quality video. The encoder/decoder configurations and transport service are managed by LTN to provide a simple and reliable solution. Just connect to the SDI video ports on the appliance, and you can transmit and receive broadcasts to and from any site on the LTN Network. The LTN LEAF provides a low-latency encode mode to support interactive interviews and live shots with lower end-to-end latency (SDI to SDI) than satellite. The LEAF also produces very high-quality encoding for fast-motion sports and complex tape playout content at bitrates up to 20 Mbps and also provides high-quality multi-codec decoding of up to four simultaneous feeds.