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DAX Production Cloud

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With DAX® Production Cloud, you have access to Primetime Emmy® award winning, patented DAX® with Digital Dailies®. The industry has been using the award winning DAX® Digital Asset Management software for review of dailies & cuts and document management for years. DAX® with Digital Dailies® has gone through a significant upgrade with some powerful additions to the software. With this upgrade and expanded functionality, we now call this DAX® Production Cloud. It allows clients to use the same system for both Dailies and Post Servicing Workflows. Now, stakeholders across the Production supply chain – On-set, editorial, VFX (pull downs), Marketing (trailers), Localization Vendors, Distribution (Screeners) – can all collaborate on the same software.

Adopt ONE cloud-based software to manage Dailies and Post Servicing Workflows. ONE software to manage all the high resolution and low resolution content, dailies and post production workflows for production, marketing and distribution. ONE system to store, manage, transcode and deliver content across the Production supply chain.