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Dejero CellSat

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Providing enhanced reliability in situations where cellular networks are congested or cellular coverage is limited, Dejero CellSat now includes a new midstream activation feature, simplifying switching between cellular-only and Satellite transmission paths, without having to stop and restart the transmission. CellSat midstream activation puts greater cost control in the hands of broadcasters when contributing high-quality video content from the field.

Dejero CellSat intelligently blends cellular connectivity from multiple mobile network carriers with Intelsat’s Ku-band IP satellite connectivity to provide the necessary bandwidth on demand to deliver exceptional picture quality and greater reliability while on location.

In addition to video transport up to 20 Mb/s with Dejero HEVC-capable encoders, the CellSat connectivity service also enables data transport for applications such as email and internet access. Visitors to the Dejero stand can experience live demos of the award-winning CellSat solution, which can be deployed in newsgathering and field production vehicles, or with compact flyaway antenna systems.

Dejero CellSat was recently used by Canada’s Global News and Entertainment Tonight to reliably deliver high-quality live video coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding to their 3 million+ television and online viewers.

On the day of the wedding, Global offered its viewers seven total hours of on-location coverage with extensive reporting of every matrimonial detail.

Time and resources are extremely limited in a high-profile event like the Royal Wedding and Global News’ crews needed to be able to do their jobs quickly and easily without having to worry about technical complications. With access to the blended CellSat network, they had a strong, reliable connection to provide a high-quality feed. Using CellSat to blend cellular and satellite enabled them to take advantage of the strengths of both transmission technologies and deliver exceptional coverage of the Royal Wedding with little stress or technical issues. Thanks to Dejero and Intelsat, their coverage of the event was first-rate.

Launched in August last year across North America, CellSat made its NAB debut in April and won the IABM Broadcast and Media (BaM) award in the ‘Connect’ category. Rollout in Europe is planned for later in 2018.