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Eolementhe© is a file-based solution offering into a very easy-to-use single interface, multi-providers tools to cover several media workflows. Eolementhe© combines automated processes and manual interventions when it’s necessary. Collaborative and agile work with your partners made easy!

Eolementhe is now based on a microservices architecture.

User-friendly interface

Eolementhe© is designed for all audiovisual professionals whether he is IT specialist or not. Create your workflow thanks to simple clicks on blocks, then can save, reuse and share workflows with other users. Eolementhe© is your solution: customize the portal with your visual identity!

A multi-vendor environment

Cloud solutions, open source or third-party tools: Eolementhe© combine the best market solutions in a single interface… to increase efficiency

Operations tracking

Eolementhe© allows you to monitor and track all jobs in progress or done. A clear and simple interface permits to monitor accurately your tasks. A window permits to visualize workflows, download and purge files as soon as they are available. A very complete admin interface helps the administrator to manage the platform: resources management per datacenter, licenses management, display of the state of farms, team management etc.

Create, share or receive standardized Tx-ready files with Eolementhe

You receive Tx-ready files from your partners? Recommend Eolementhe© to your partners, to avoid files go back-and-forth and save money! Eolementhe© already includes the processing of standardized files such as AS-10, MetaPADTV (french specifications) etc, via pre-filled metadata forms.



Standard: https

Standard Object Storage: Amazon S3, Azure, Open Stack

Server files: Files already available on the user account

Premium: Signiant Protocole

Premium Object Storage: Amazon S3, Azure, Open Stack storage via Signiant protocol

Internet video: Video retrieval from internet (Youtube, etc.)

Dropbox & Twitter: connect your account and load the media files from it


Manual: Mail notification

HTTPS or Signiant download

Object Storage: Amazon S3, Azure, Open Stack

Media Shuttle


YouTube / Twitter


Quality Control

A first level quality control done by Media Info is available but it is Baton, the powerful tool from Interra Systems, which allows you to control the file conformity and the audio and video quality of your content. Most of the wrappers and codecs of the market, from DPX to smooth streaming are proposed.


Choose your tools to transcode your files: actually the WFS / Carbon and Xpress nodes from Harmonic, the KFE option HEVC 4K from Ateme and Cambria FTC from Capella Systems are available.

Loudness analysis and control

The Minnetonka solution, well known for the audio processing of files, is integrated with Audio Tools Loudness Control to analyse and correct audio loudness.

Workflow Stop’n’go

The pause mode allows you to manually act on the workflow to add, check, validate information…The workflow pauses, the file is placed in quarantine, and the report is sent by email to describe the error detected. The users decide to continue or stop the workflow and can add a comment for the recipient.


Metadata forms creation

Auto retrieve

Speech to text & translation

112 languages are available for multilingual subtitling

Artificial Intelligence

Faces, objects & scenes recognition

Parallel & conditional workflows

Ability to manage several parallel workflows

Creation of conditional workflows according to criterias chosen by the user