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FileCatalyst Workflow

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FileCatalyst Workflow takes two web-based managed file transfer workflows, submission, and distribution, and combines them into a single and customizable workflow. With Workflow, end users can submit files to your organization for submission, processing or distribution. Workflow provides full tracking of every file submission at every stage or the workflow.

Not only can you and your clients securely distribute files to anyone with an email address, you can leverage one or more “file areas” to store data in your organization's private cloud for online access.

Customize Your Workflow: Submission, Distribution and Anything in-between

Submission For many organizations, receiving files from external sources is critical. Critical operations can't be left in the hands of email, FTP, or physical storage mediums. Your assets can go missing, arrive late or become corrupt, with zero tracking or accountability. Adding FileCatalyst Workflow to your web presence gives you the ability to track the file's progress through your organization's workflow; from submission to delivery.

Distribution The size limitations placed on email attachments, as well as the lack of security and tracking, just doesn't meet today's file distribution standards. With workflow, organizations gain the ability to send large files to anyone with a valid email address. Since every action is tracked, Workflow takes the stress out of finding out who has your files, and where they reside.

Anything In-Between There's no reason to limit users to one or the other. With FileCatalyst Workflow's flexible customization model, you may freely collect information and track files through both submission and distribution, from a single job.