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Professional IRDs

Anevia’s Flamingo multiscreen IPTV head-end descrambles encrypted digital satellite, cable, terrestrial or IP-based live TV and radio content, and re-encrypts it just-in-time with device-specific DRM to stream it securely to connected TVs, set-top-boxes, PCs and mobile devices.

Flamingo is the only multiscreen TV head-end to also include advanced features such as time-shift, pause live TV, and video on demand with up to 4K/UHD quality, directly in the product itself.

Flamingo is available on two modular appliances, or can run directly on either a COTS server or virtual machine, allowing end customers to save rack space by running Flamingo software alongside other IT services on a mutualized infrastructure – opening up new opportunities to reduce costs.

Designed to meet the needs of hospitality, healthcare and corporate environments, Flamingo can be quickly integrated with third party equipment through an intuitive and documented API with easy interfacing.

Key benefits: – Advanced features such as time-shift and pause live TV enable patients, guests or customers to regain control of their viewing schedule – Supports DASH, HLS and Smooth Streaming to mobile devices, even outside the room – Possibility to deliver specific content packages through web TV (on a temporary basis, for foreign delegations for example) without adding an additional satellite dish – Smooth EPG integration empowers interactive TV systems to easily retrieve “now and next” TV program schedule – Advanced Cloud Services features lead to OPEX savings through remote support and maintenance, offline staging and reporting – Software-based, on-the-fly content encryption plus descrambling / rescrambling within the Flamingo secures premium content to protect operator revenues – Flamingo is available as a software or in two modular appliances and can provide up to 88 tuners, allowing you to customize your TV channel configuration

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