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Global Media Network | BT Media & Broadcast

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Bring your content into new territories with our Global Media Network. We link major media hubs in Amsterdam to Sydney and on every continent between. Start sending video through our pre-connected gateways straight away. They bring hundreds of potential customers within reach – including broadcasters, platforms operators, sports venues, studios and satellite teleports.


Sports broadcasters, news channels and production companies rely on us. They’ve sent some of the world’s most important state, sporting and awards events over our media network. Recent examples include the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics in Brazil, as well as 2017’s UEFA Champions League Final and IAAF World Championships in London.


Three ways our media network is built for live TV:

·         A single channel input can reach many broadcasters Using a point-to-multipoint connection.

·         We can up- and downlink satellite feeds Video can travel around the world to broadcasters, and back.

·         When we add channels for a customer, we build permanent connections This expands our network and means regular customers can use permanent connections to make rapid transactions.


Our Global Media Network is fast, reliable and supported round the clock


Send your video at speeds up to 10Gbps

Our network’s designed to carry 4K ultra high definition footage with  sound for Dolby Atmos. And is ready for technology that’s on the horizon. Every video and data file takes its own route through the network. They’re kept secure in virtual private networks with unique labels.


Bypass the open internet

The internet wasn’t built for broadcasters. You can’t use it to send video without latency and it drops data packages when it’s congested. When you join our Global Media Network, we connect you with a dedicated line so you’ll have minimal disruptions. You get to decide what we send as a priority. Customers use our most resilient lines for live video. And cheaper routes for data transfers.


Get support, anytime

We constantly monitor our Global Media Network. And we’re proud to tell you our network’s available 99.999% of the time. Our industry-leading technology and service protect you from latency, jitter and downtime. If trouble arises, you’ll instantly switch to a second video path.