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Griffin Redundancy Switch

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The ETL Systems Griffin Redundancy Switch provides signal redundancy for satellite modulators, downconverters, or modems, enabling switching to a standby path when an error occurs.  The switching can be triggered by front panel alarm contacts upon RF level detection or connected to a Network Monitoring Solution. The switch can be used for both downlink and uplink applications as well as managing RF and ASI signal types.

ETL’s Griffin redundancy switch offers total flexibility in managing RF, ASI and optical signals. The modular design comprises a 1U chassis with 2 switch module slots. Different modules can be fitted dependent on application, and can be switched independently (individual mode) or together (simultaneous mode). Switching may be triggered by front panel, RF level detection, alarm contacts, pulsed voltage or NMS. The Griffin switch is suitable for satellite modulator, LNB/down converter and modem redundancy applications.