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Codec interoperability is now possible with Digigram’s innovative IQOYA *CLOUD codec-management Software as a Service (SaaS). This new tool enables valuable, worldwide discovery and access security with a broad array of IP audio codecs from different manufacturers. This solution gives broadcasters access to a robust broadcast SIP infrastructure while facilitating centralized codec management anywhere from any authorized device.

IQOYA *CLOUD web responsive design and simplified GUI architecture enables easy access through most web browsers and smart devices. It is particularly suited for mobile platforms (Android and iOS), giving a clear and simple overview of Master Control Room (MCR) activity with configuration on the go from any location and at any time.

  • Quick, centralized management system – with access to a comprehensive network address book and audio encoding profiles.

  • Effective equipment and ACIP stream control and supervision

  • Includes a strongly secured SIP infrastructure, designed for broadcast needs

  • Straightforward call management to accept and initiate calls.

  • Direct access to individual codecs for instant set-up, configuration and reconfiguration