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Live Fly

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Live Fly leaves no room for regret. This professional midsize controller is supercharged with flexible interface technologies so you can repurpose, extend, integrate and configure it over and over again. Try for example the XPoint 24, Inline 10 or PTZ Fly for added joystick control.

Features a world of options

  • RGB multi-level metering LEDs for VU, tally or step indication

  • Precision encoders for adjusting settings or selecting graphics

  • Transition fader with RGB LED bar for transition positionor VU metering

  • Versatile bus delegation row with display labels

  • Programmable four-way buttons for superior flexibility

  • ME section with multi-level shift and user keys

  • Slim, ergonomic console form factor

  • Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)

  • UniSketch OS