M600R KNOWLED Full-Color LED Light

M600R KNOWLED Full-Color LED Light

M600R KNOWLED Full-Color LED Light

M600R KNOWLED Full-Color LED Light


Full-Color Brilliance

The M600R, the first RGBWW full-color COB light in the KNOWLED series, shines with exceptional color brightness, ideal for film and commercial projects. It ensures vivid, accurately rendered scenes, essential for professional-grade visual storytelling.

Color Brightness Fully Unleashed

Utilizing Godox\’s cutting-edge technology, the M600R stands out with its exceptional white and color light brightness, greatly surpassing similar lights at equal power. Its innovative design achieves maximum luminosity within a compact space for stunning visuals.

Tailored Design for Chromatic Light

The innovative optical design of the M600R not only ensures high-quality light output but also minimizes heat and enhances the lifespan of the light source, optimizing performance and safety in its use.

CRI & TLCI 96+

Achieving exceptional color fidelity, the M600R boasts CRI and TLCI ratings over 96, rendering colors in their most natural and lifelike hues.


Engineered for seamless high-speed captures, the M600R offers a consistent, flicker-free lighting experience, ensuring flawless imagery.

IP54 Protection

Both the M600R light body and controller are IP54-rated, offering robust dust and water splash resistance for reliable use across varied settings.


Work in Any Condition

The M600R is built to perform under diverse conditions: its air-cooling system ensures smooth operation in heat, while it\’s rigorously tested to start reliably in cold climates as low as -20°C.


Pro-Level Control Options

The M600R offers professional control options, including CRMX, DMX, Ethernet, and Bluetooth app, with TimoLink TRX for CRMX wireless control via the Godox KNOWLED app, enhancing lighting flexibility.

Accessory Flexibility

The M600R, equipped with its Bowens Mount, supports a broad array of attachments for adaptable lighting arrangements. Additionally, custom-designed light-shaping accessories have been developed specifically for the M600R to unlock its full lighting capabilities.

Dynamic FX

Embedded with 14 dynamic lighting effects, the M600R transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary visuals, from the dramatic flair of fireworks to the subtle flicker of a candle.

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