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Multiviewer display processors

TAG’s MCM-9000 is a software-only, all IP-based UHD Multiviewer and monitoring system supporting the new SMPTE ST-2110 standard in HD & UHD. The MCM-9000 provides a complete monitoring solution for all the transmission layers of both uncompressed content and compressed MPEG-TS, starting from the TS packet header all the way down to the encoded video content and its quality.

The MCM-9000 capabilities include the ability to receive large quantities of uncompressed sources and display them on the same screen, creating and displaying more “tiles” and potentially reducing the number of monitors and interface devices for greater hardware efficiency. TAG’s implementation of uncompressed UHD 2110-21 output results in unmatched picture quality at the multiple UHD IP mosaic Outputs. The outputs from the monitored services also feature rich data overlays that serve as a strong tool for real-time error detection and alerts.

The main features related to the uncompressed IP video include: • ST-2110-20 UHD (6G/12G) support • ST-2022-7 concealment – for ST-2022-6, ST-2110-20/30 and MPEGTS • Use of dual 100Gbps input/output ports network cards • Up to 100 picture “tiles” at one Mosaic output • Multiple ST-2022-6 or ST-2110-21 UHD Mosaics outputs, with 2022-7 support • IP output transmitted as uncompressed 2022-6/7/2110 and H.264 SPTS+HLS streams.

The MCM-9000 is designed to be connected to 40/100Gbps infrastructure network switches which allows for multiple 2022-6/2110-20 SD or UHD sources to be present at the input on a single NIC port, as well as sending the uncompressed 2022-6/2110 UHD mosaic back to the facility IP network to be displayed throughout the facility. The unique approach of an “all IP” system results in the innovative feature of mosaic streaming. The flexible monitoring mosaic is created as an IP HD or UHD video stream, transmitted as both an uncompressed video stream and compressed standard H.264/H.265 SPTS, enabling remote monitoring and very flexible installation topology.

In parallel to the generated 2022-6/2110-21 and compressed DVB Streams, output is also available as an HLS stream for remote access to the mosaic. The HLS Mosaic output enables easy access and display through desktop, laptops and mobile devices.

The solution monitors both baseband video/audio and when relevant, also MPEG/DVB compression properties, to include: video freeze, black video, audio silence, audio levels and loudness, quantization levels, color space, resolution change, service bitrate, complete ETR compliance and more. The MCM-9000 includes an intuitive web-based tool for layout editing and creation. The tool enables the generation of multiple layout structures, with numerous “tile” types and a variety of visual structures.

With the combination of both real time notification and alarm threshold settings, it is possible to achieve complete flexibility with individual channels, or channel group behavior.

The notification mechanisms supported by the system include: 1. Display – control mosaic output color scheme or highlights as per event severity 2. SNMP – the ability to push SNMP traps to an external NMS logger 3. Syslog – the ability to push Syslog messages to an external NMS 4. Email – send messages containing the event list to a destination email address 5. File (event triggered recording) – define event severity which would trigger a TS recording and export via FTP (for compressed sources) 6. Penalty Box– ability to configure severity level and identify into which unique penalty box display a channel would be pushed

The entire scalable solution is supplied on a Flash-Drive equipped with reliable and stable Linux kernel. The system boots directly from the provided flash, which requires no installation, no hard drive, or any type of Operating System on the server.

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