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Media Asset Manager

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Newsbridge Media Asset Manager

Your digital content is your fuel. Giving you instant access to it is our mission.

Provide autonomy to your production team and key business partners.

Thanks to our Media Asset Manager designed to leverage Multimodal AI technology for media production, editorial and valorization workflows, you drastically reduce average production time and maximize ROI.


🤝 Invite your collaborators

Strengthen your media asset management strategy by prioritizing real-time collaborative video production in a shared, cloud-based workspace compliant with SSO. Invite multiple team members and partners to access and work on projects, using searchable video content powered by AI for impactful and quick story production. Custom roles, permissions and validation processes are available to match your workflows.


⚙️ All video formats supported

Our team of broadcast engineers understand that video formats are not a one-size-fits all configuration. With Newsbridge, no heavy transcoding is needed. Crafted with hands-on industry insight, we ingest HD and UHD industry standard formats such as H.264, HEVC, TS, XDCAM, AVC-Intra, XAVC, Prores, RTMP, LRT, Aviwest SafeStream, SRT and more!


🆕 Collections

Build the perfect story across your pool of digital content! Forget manual updates and use our Collections feature to automatically gather relevant media assets in ever-growing folders.


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