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Minnetonka AudioTools® Server

Quality-first audio workflow orchestration in flexible, focused packages of audio specialization. 

  • Custom, efficient file-based workflows

  • Unrivaled loudness tools & compliance to broadcast standards

  • Interoperability with all major workflow environments

  • Modular, scalable platform: on premise, VM, or in the cloud

  • Flexible license deployment in a multi-node configuration

  • V5 adds RESTful web services API, Netflix compliance profiles, new QC features, Kantar watermarking, and AutoMix

  • Use cases include: Loudness Measurement & Correction, Dialog Intelligibility, Encode/Decode, Pitchshift/Time Compression, Channel Assignment Detection, Audio QC

  • Global NEXTGEN TV support for Dolby Atmos® and MPEG-H Immersive Audio formats

  • Immersive formats for UPMAX™. Coupled with new Dolby Digital Plus Atmos encoding, upmixing stereo or 5.1 to the new immersive formats (5.1.2, 7.1.4, 9.1.6, etc.) makes for a “complete Atmos toolkit”

  • Omnia.9 processing for podcasts on-demand

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