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nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player

Content delivery networks (CDNs)

Interactive live streaming with ultra-low latency! Live stream your business content with nanoStream Cloud and go live around the world in 1 second. nanoStream Cloud is the flagship product of nanocosmos, a Berlin-based company with more than twenty years of experience in the audio and video industry.

  • nanoStream ULL CDN: global footprint to reach large audiences anywhere in the world

  • nanoStream H5Live Player: ultra-low latency playback on any desktop or mobile browser, including Safari on iOS. You can watch our ABR demo here.

  • Easy to integrate into custom applications / white label API / examples

  • Adaptive Bitrate Playback: auto-adjust video quality based on your viewers’ internet connections

  • nanoStream Analytics: insights on your workflow for improved Quality of Service and Quality of Experience

  • NEW! nanoMeet: create a virtual meeting room, share a live stream with a large audience or set up watch parties

  • 24/7 operation with reliable support

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