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OWNZONES Discover Screener

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The OWNZONES Discover Screener offers everything content companies need to impress buyers, licensors, and reviewers. Manage, market, license, and deliver your content, streamlining sales, distribution, and rights management.

Discover has a seamless integration with OWNZONES Connect™, the content supply chain built in the cloud, meaning it can facilitate the instantaneous fulfillment of avails. A buyer can log in to Discover from anywhere in the world via a browser window and easily navigate, view, and select content they’re interested in. That immediately notifies a sales representative and simultaneously kicks off a workflow in Connect that alerts the operations team--enabling push-button delivery to any platform.

Discover is unique in that it was originally built as a B2C white-label OTT platform. From its conception, a focus on delivering a premium user experience with a rich CMS was the driving force throughout the development of Discover. It’s the only product that will be on the market that provides a premium B2C experience for B2B use in streamlining the end-to-end content buying and delivery workflow.

Discover bridges the gap between content buying and fulfillment, a historically disjointed workflow. With this all-in-one solution that connects sales and operations units, Discover provides more transparency into the workflow and instills assurance that companies can deliver what they sell.