P300R / P600R KNOWLED LED Light Panel

P300R / P600R KNOWLED LED Light Panel

P300R / P600R KNOWLED LED Light Panel

P300R / P600R KNOWLED LED Light Panel


More Pixels, Broader Creations

The P300R/P600R features 4/8 independently adjustable pixels, offering high pixel density for more realistic light mapping. High color adjustment precision ensures seamless color transitions. Additionally, support for 8bit/16bit modes enables fine-tuning.

Color Consistency Across Units

Benefit from Godox’s color calibration system! The P300R/P600R features premium LEDs and strict color calibration for consistent hues across all units, ensuring seamless integration within the KNOWLED series. Achieve precise, professional visuals with controlled lighting.

Advanced Color Management

Featuring four color modes: HSI, RGBW, GEL, and X-Y. It supports multiple color spaces including Rec.2020, DCI-P3, and Rec.709, achieving 96% Rec.2020 coverage and meeting the cinematic production standard DCI-P3.  Adjust according to specific needs for accurate color presentation.

Illuminate Softly, Shine Brightly

The P300R/P600R boasts a 50% increase in power and a 30% improvement in light efficiency compared to other lights. With a tungsten-like start from 0.1% and precise 0.1%-100% adjustments, it ensures exact lighting control.

Tailored for Virtual Production

The P300R/P600R integrates smoothly with virtual production systems. When pixel mapping is paired with the Godox KNOWLED app, the lights can seamlessly match the dynamic lighting changes of virtual environments, allowing actors to blend more naturally with virtual settings and delivering a more authentic and striking visual impact. Offers Ethernet control for seamless integration with virtual production system connections.

Professional Lighting Controls

The P300R/P600R, equipped with a LumenRadio chip, supports multiple professional and stable control methods: DMX/CRMX/Ethernet (Art-Net & sACN) / Bluetooth app. The Godox KNOWLED app also enables CRMX control, meeting on-set demands for stability.

Efficient Cooling

The innovative airflow design and custom high-efficiency cooling fans deliver robust heat dissipation while maintaining whisper-quiet operation, ensuring consistent lighting performance over extended shooting sessions, free from noise.

Integrated Design for a Streamlined Set

The light’s control and power supply are integrated into the light body, streamlining transportation and operation. Compatible with AC 100V-240V voltage, it eliminates the need for voltage conversion across different regions.

Exceptional Color Reproduction

With CQS≥95, CRI≥96, and TLCI≥96, the P300R/P600R ensures precise color reproduction.

Dynamic Pixel FX

Enhance your creations with 2 dynamic pixel effects! Pixel flames add a hot, dynamic visual impact to your work, while the gentle pixel candlelight captures the subtle dance of candle flames and breathing effects for a more lifelike result.

Diverse Accessories

The P300R/P600R offers a wide range of accessories for flexible lighting: Octa Softbox, Rectangular Softbox, Barndoor, Honeycomb, 2-light stand, and more, meeting the needs of various scenarios and expanding the possibilities for shooting.

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