P600Bi Hard KNOWLED LED Light Panel

P600Bi Hard KNOWLED LED Light Panel

P600Bi Hard KNOWLED LED Light Panel

P600Bi Hard KNOWLED LED Light Panel


Incredible Power Density

P600Bi Hard utilizes advanced engineering to deliver consistent, full power draw in any color temperature. With 650W output power packed into the 30cm×30cm panel, it is made to be a powerful light source with an ultimate power density, bursting an astonishing Illuminance of 93,800Lux at 1 meter.

Light up A Large Space

With class-leading engineering, the precisely designed optical lens extremely increases the light-emitting distance while ensuring flawless blending results, providing an efficient and flexible solution for large-space lighting.

Powerful, but Lightweight

Carefully engineered to weigh only about 10kg, P600Bi Hard is much lighter than traditional space lights of similar output. The compact size makes it much more time-saving and energy-efficient on set, friendly for rapid setup and easy transportation.

Everything Under Control

P600Bi Hard allows for DMX512 control (support RDM protocol); LumenRadio CRMX control (build-in receiver); 2.4G wireless remote control; Godox Light App control and intuitive on-board control. And with the DMX terminator, external antenna, and automatic frequency hopping capability, it always ensures stable signals even in whatever complex situations on set.

0.1% Cinematic Level Adjustment

P600Bi Hard allows smooth and delicate dimming in 0.1% increments. And with a precision starting from 0.1%, it can perfectly simulate the moment when tungsten is lit up. In addition, the flicker-free capability always ensures stunning footage even in slow-motion shooting.

True-to-Life Color Rendering

With CRI and TLCI ratings of over 96, P600Bi Hard ensures accurate color fidelity at any color temperature. It delivers consistently natural color that reproduces everything true-to-life.

Aerospace-Grade Heat Dissipation

To ensure accurate and efficient lighting results in the production process, P600Bi Hard employs aerospace-grade material Thermal Pad for effective heat dissipation, which guarantees the stable performance of the fixture at a monster output.

Built-in Fx Effects

11 optional built-in light effects make it easy to simulate different lighting scenarios on set, reproducing a variety of scenes to create your imaginary world.

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