P600R Hard/P1200R Hard KNOWLED LED Light Panel

P600R Hard/P1200R Hard KNOWLED LED Light Panel

P600R Hard/P1200R Hard KNOWLED LED Light Panel

P600R Hard/P1200R Hard KNOWLED LED Light Panel


Super Power, Super Bright

The P600R Hard/P1200R Hard epitomizes the perfect combination of high brightness and compact design. Supporting full-power output across the entire CCT range, the P600R Hard reaches up to 650W, surpassing traditional 4-head spacelights by 30%, while the P1200R steps further with an impressive 1200W, rivaling traditional 12-head spacelights.

Powerful, yet Compact

The P600R Hard/P1200R Hard features a sleek design, blending power with practicality. The P600R Hard measures just 19.5*22.4*4.7” and the P1200R Hard measures 32.8*23.8*6.7” (including the yoke), both exceeding over 50% lighter than traditional  4-head/12-head spacelights. The compact design ensures easy installation, providing an efficient experience.

Hard or Soft, Switch with Ease

Leveraging an exclusive optical lens design, the P600R Hard/P1200R Hard effectively extends the light-emitting distance, ensuring versatile and cost-effective illumination in extensive spaces. The inclusion of various diffusion accessories enhances compatibility with diverse lighting scenarios.

Full Color Brilliance

Powered by high-quality light sources and class-leading color blending, the P600R Hard/P1200R Hard delivers top-quality colored light with impressive brightness and saturation. Experience brilliant, highly saturated colors, and swiftly achieve your desired hues with support for HIS, RGBW, GEL, and X-Y coordinate axis modes.

The Complete Ecosystem Solution

The KNOWLED Cinematic Ecosystem guarantees meticulous color management. With impeccable color consistency in multi-light setups, the P600R Hard/P1200R Hard stands out. The entire KNOWLED series seamlessly collaborates, effortlessly adapting to diverse light sources for efficient setups in complex scenes.

Professional Controls

The P600R Hard/P1200R Hard features a built-in LumenRadio chip for precise and stable CRMX wireless control, ensuring accuracy in complex situations on set. Additionally, it supports various control methods like on-board and Bluetooth for convenient control.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

The P600R Hard/P1200R Hard utilizes advanced airflow and high-performance silent fans to address the demanding heat dissipation requirements for ultimate power density. This ensures stable output during prolonged use while effectively reducing LED temperatures, extending the lifespan.

Comprehensive Light-Shaping System

The P600R Hard/P1200R Hard offers a versatile accessory range, enhancing lighting efficiency for diverse needs in complex on-set environments.

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