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Remote Live Production

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Newsbridge Remote Live Production

Speed up story production workflows with Live Production Tools to reach your audience while live content is still hot.

Connect all your devices and schedule UHD live streams directly in the cloud via your web browser. Monitor all your streams easily from a single page. Start working on your live stream right away without waiting for the end of the transmission. Immediately live-clip key moments to build your rough-cuts and leverage our live transcription feature to generate subtitles. This workflow delivers near-live publication to your social media platforms.

Live Schedule

An award-winning feature that allows for live recording of UHD video streams from a web-browser.

✂️ Live Video Clipping

Only export the video snippet you need! Let our multimodal AI crawl your content and help you find and create the most relevant video highlights from any live stream or file-based asset and start your rough cuts. Simply adjust your selection bar to choose the specific segment you will be using.

📝 Auto-Transcribe & Subtitles

Use our bleeding-edge transcription and subtitling solutions to automatically generate transcript from live video streams. Take advantage of our unique confidence level technology which rates transcription accuracy throughout your entire video transcript.

🔜 Multi-Audio Channel Support

We are working on supporting up to 16 audio channels.