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Production graphics and CG

Edit-3d is the product for designing graphics templates. Used alongside every other RT Software broadcast product, it provides operators with the tools to create  powerful real-time graphic templates, including:

  • 2D and 3D on screen overlay graphics

  • Customized sports analysis graphics

  • Virtual studio and augmented reality graphics

  • Touchscreen applications for broadcasters

  • Virtual advertising at sports events.

Edit-3d allows entry to the world of graphics creation for Augmented reality and full virtual studio graphics while it can also create the usual 2D overlay graphics (straps, tickers, tables & charts, full forms, promos, bugs, squeeze backs etc). Capable and intuitive, Edit-3d is a feature rich product that is compatible with industry standard 3D modelling tools (Maya, StudioMax and Cinema 4d).


The design visions achievable in Edit-3d are made real in the Live render engine from RT Software. Field-rate rendering, anti-aliasing, extruded text, and per-pixel lighting combine with sheer rendering power giving more polygons with more textures and more fills than industry leading applications.

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