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Sports Analysis

Production graphics and CG

From a VT op quickly adding a few lines and a highlighted region on the first replay through to easy to use touchscreens and tablets for in depth studio analysis, Tactic (and our legacy product, tOG-Sports) provide the solution.

Whether you aspire to the very best in “tied to pitch” graphics and virtual views to explain game play all the way to augmented reality and virtual advertising you can trust in RT Software to deliver. Our modular approach means that you can tailor a solution to your exact needs, or look at one of our value for money bundles – either way you will soon be on air with real added value graphics that will take your sports content to the next level.

We offer a tight integration with all the leading replay servers or can work standalone, either ingesting live SDI content to work on or in a file based mode. Stunning graphic, flexible workflows and easy to use. It all adds up to a very compelling approach.

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