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Virtual sets and chromakey

VR, Virtual Studios and Augmented Reality are a core competency for RT Software, and we can pass the technology and capabilities on to you. This is based on more than 15 years’ experience of elections, Eurovisions and other specials, at probably the world’s most demanding broadcaster. UHD 4k, trackerless, multiple cameras, encoded cameras, live video in-scene and complex animations within the set are all supported by and made possible with tOG-VR and cutting edge techniques such as per pixel lighting, custom shaders and Physical Based Rendering are all part of what makes tOG-VR stand out.

Ease of design of virtual elements is achieved with support of full .FBX file import from popular 3D design applications such as 3DS MAX, Maya or Cinema 4D to allow collaboration with external 3D designers.

We are camera agnostic and have worked with all leading vendors of tracking technology. We understand the relative merits of the numerous options and are happy to assist with qualitative and quantitative advice.

Proven in the field with customers such as the BBC, ESPN, Fox Sports, BT Sport, SR and MDR, whether your interest in VR is to enhance the viewer experience or to decrease production costs, tOG-VR is the ultimate solution.

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