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Vimond IO

Non-linear editing

Vimond IO is a browser-based video editing and publishing tool running in the cloud. With Vimond IO, broadcasters, news, and sports organisations can ingest video from live streams and file-based footage before editing and publishing to multiple platforms and social media.

The software is available to anyone with an account and a laptop with a 5 Mbps internet connection. The toolset provides the ability to quickly clip, edit, and publish content using a professional and highly responsive UI. In the editing process you can construct stories ranging from complex sequences enriched with graphics, audio and images. When publishing, you can transcode to a wide range of bitrates and aspect ratios simultaneously and publish your desired output to social media platforms or back to your own MAM or CMS with one click publishing.

Since IO is cloud-based that means that no matter where you might be located you have the same access to content as your peers. When new content is uploaded it’s available for everyone in the editing browser.

Being a cloud native video editing tool also means we don’t require customers to install any software locally, we only put the load on the local machine that we need to, through the Chrome web browser. For users this means they don’t need to invest in expensive devices that meet “recommended specifications.”

Content can be uploaded manually from your workstations, sub clips can be created from live streams, or we can bring in content from existing archives and media asset management systems. The editor has been designed by creatives with decades of experience in the field.

Vimond IO NLE: Non-Linear Evolution

Vimond IO is a unique value proposition that combines several workflows that traditionally would require significant investment, in one streamlined and cost effective solution.

REMI: Browser based with Remote Integration workflows in mind, work from any location

Unified Live: Live content can be used directly in the editing tool, with no limits on input capacity

Cloud Native: Not “virtualised”, with high cost & capacity limitations. IO is built for the cloud

Networked Storage: A high performance Storage Attached Network as part of its infrastructure

Collaboration: Share projects, work simultaneously and share content instantly from live and file uploads

Multi-platform: Use the same tool to produce content for social media, online or linear.

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