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VSNCrea TV manages advertising, production and broadcast workflows with the aim of planning TV Broadcasting, developing costs’ forecast, controlling materials, generating programming schedules and information for media, institutions, websites, and EPGs. With VSNCrea TV, TV stations will be able to plan the advertising slots and the blocks of both its owned content and third-party’s one; to control the contracts and productions costs; document the content; design the weekly programming schedules and daily playlists; and provide broadcast information for Media, Web, OTTs and DTT’s EPG.

VSNCrea TV is a key element when improving the channel’s efficiency. The system optimises human resources and collaborative work among different divisions, easy and transparently, dealing with tedious and repetitive tasks. Its web architecture makes it also very easy to install and start.

The server can work in SQL, MySQL and/or Oracle environments; the clients only need a web browser to have access to it. The menu and different screens adapt to various user profiles and the tasks of each department. Furthermore, a secure permit system is under the Administrator’s control to configure what type of users would be able to access or modify.

VSNCrea TV is composed by several modules that work independently but are synchronized into the system. Each one of them shows the scope of the work that the system covers for any TV planning, programming or traffic needs. Those modules are named as administration, company, catalogue, playout, acquisition, work order, music rights, reports and integrations modules.

No matter its size or coverage, VSNCrea TV can help any TV station to have all its departments’ information on the same page at the very same time: from advertising, to finance and Broadcast departments, all of them can benefit from having access to such a quick, easy to use and powerful system. It also facilitates the delivery of information to all departments in real time and updates all documents that might be affected due to any unexpected change.