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X3p is an videowall control system, performing features for continuous display environments. It is a multi-functional processor with multiple operation modes including Videowall, Preview, Matrix, 3D and more.

Fully modular inputs and outputs modules, X3p supports up to 16 inputs and up to 8 outputs that are arranged in slots, meeting demands of different application. 2K4K@60 digital signals support, input includes common 2K modules, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, 12G SDI as well as H.264 and USB Media signals.

X3p offers optional PVW modules fitting for multi-layer/multi-window environments. Each PVW offers 8 input sources preview, with 4 inputs for PST and 4 inputs for PGM. Controll X3p from XPOSE software or T-One control console, seamlessly switching between PST and PGM.

High performance video processing, X3p scales and switches video sources pixel-to-pixel to a wide range of outputs. Genlock is provided for real-time control and fully synchronization among multiple X3p devices cascaded or connected with other devices.

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