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Zoom Servo Drive Chrosziel CDM-XK-Z

Camera lens accessories

Developed for the Fujinon XK6x20 20-120 mm zoom lens the CDM-XK-Z enables ways of creativity that may be impossible just by zooming manually. To simplify the operator’s workflow the zoom servo drive is directly mounted onto the lens by two captive screws.

The weight of the CDM-XK-Z including digital motor, gear, PCB with CPU, screws and cabling is 0.44 lbs. (197 gram). With the zoom servo drive Chrosziel addresses camera operators who are working in the broadcast and documentary sector looking for a reasonably priced zoom servo drive.

Until today, the standard in zooming was using the zoom rocker of the smart grip or any other LANC compatible hand grip. A second hand grip was necessary for controlling the camera setting or forwarding any user commands. Since both devices were separated, the operator always needed to change his grip.

With the CDM-XK-Z Chrosziel unifies both functionalities into one single unit. Supported are the smart grips of the Sony PXW-FS5 and Sony PXW-FS7 or any LANC compatible zoom rocker.

For operation the power cable is connected and the two Jack cables with the handgrip and the camera. Once powered the zoom servo drive calibrates automatically the end stops of the lens. To further support the operator’s piece of mind Chrosziel implemented the so called “Soft Ramping”: Instead of having the zooming suddenly and unexpectedly stop, the zoom gently slows down the movement of the lens at the end stops.

By using a LANC device the operator may build his or her setup, like shoulder, Steadicam or Gimbal applications. Thus, makes the CDM-XK-Z an all-day companion for the Fujinon XK6x20 20-120 mm and gives the camera operator additional freedom of creativity. The operator may choose from four different zoom modes: EB / Documentary Mode, Live / Hardcut Mode, Silent, and Direct Mode.

EB / Documentary Mode

Designed for long and smooth zoom drives with the CDM-LWZ3-Z it offers slow creeping zoom transitions while keeping the motive perfectly framed.

Silent Mode

To reduce the sound of the zoom servo drive the maximum speed of its motor is limited to 40 percent making the setup almost inaudible.

Live / Hardcut Mode

To catch the best moments, the Live / Hardcut Mode is useful. It uses 80 percent of the maximum speed capacity of the motor offering fast zoom drives but with Soft Ramping.

Direct Mode

The Direct Mode finally uses the full speed capacity of the Zoom Servo Drive. The LANC commands are implemented instantaneously without ramping and smooth transitions. Useful for B camera operators catching snaps shots from the concert.

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