IABM Benchmark Report

This report monitors the financial performance of companies in the broadcast and media technology sector. Information is aggregated and statistical analysis delivers industry-wide benchmarks against which companies can compare and evaluate their own performance.

Report Benefits

  • Take a deeper look at the "balance sheet" of the whole industry
  • Gain insights on growth prospects and financial stability of the sector
  • Compare your accounts with similar industries' benchmarks
  • Benchmark your accounts with the indicators representing the overall sector

Report Content

The analysis is divided into various sections which examine financial ratios and compare them with similar sectors such as Software Publishers and Communications Equipment. 

For every variable median, upper and lower quartiles are presented.

The variables studied are:

  • Profit-to-sales ratio and Gross margin – These give an idea of the overall profitability of the sector and are a useful indicator because they are not highly affected by the weight of large firms in the sample

  • Current and Quick ratio – These test the ability of B&MT companies to meet short-term financial obligations, with the quick ratio being a tougher liquidity test since it does not include inventory in the calculations

  • Return on net assets – Measures companies’ performance in relation to the assets deployed

  • Inventory days/turnover and Accounts receivables – These measure companies’ ability in managing working capital

  • Research and development expenditure and Selling, marketing and general administration costs – These track R&D and Sales & Marketing operating costs

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