Bitcentral – How to future-proof your business with a hybrid approach to monetization

Bitcentral – How to future-proof your business with a hybrid approach to monetization


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Bitcentral – How to future-proof your business with a hybrid approach to monetization

Journal Article from Bitcentral

Fri 09, 09 2022

Greg Morrow

General Manager, SMG

Our industry's evolution over the past few years has fundamentally changed how video is consumed and monetized. Viewers expect broadcast-grade video whenever and wherever they want. Meanwhile, publishers must diversify their revenue streams to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Subscriber revenues alone are no longer enough. Aside from Apple, all the major streaming providers in the U.S. are turning to some form of advertising, such as AVOD or free ad-supported TV (FAST) linear channels. In this fast-changing landscape, there is a clear need for new and innovative technologies to help providers progress and prosper.

Across the entire media chain, video providers must ensure that they are re-strategizing their business models to cater to the growing diversification of audiences. They must have the proper technological infrastructure to support multiple video and monetization workflows.

But, to provide a premium quality video experience across the plethora of devices and support multiple monetization processes is highly complex. Streaming providers must assemble a broad technology stack of solutions to reach their full audience engagement and monetization potential. SVOD requires one workflow, AVOD requires another, FAST linear channels require another, and the many potential syndication partners require more still.

As consumer demand for, and consumption of, video content across multiple platforms grows, more headaches are created for providers on top of their broadening monetization strategies.

Overcoming today’s challenges

Bitcentral is an award-winning innovator in delivering streaming tools to help content owners excite audiences. Our combined FUEL + solution features turn-key premium OTT application deployment, dynamic playlisting for VOD, live and linear content, and support for advertising (AVOD), subscription (SVOD), and transactional (TVOD) business models.

Rather than having to stitch together lots of technologies from different vendors, Bitcentral provides broadcasters with a one-stop shop of pre-integrated and tested technologies. This provides them with a “Swiss army knife” of tools that equips them for all the distribution and monetization methods that are available today.

Through the FUEL + solution, operators can also create and syndicate FAST linear channels to content aggregators with the same content and workflow. This significantly streamlines the complexity of distribution specifications and requirements.

Content owners can create best-of-breed Connected TV (CTV), mobile, and web app solutions and make them available across major app stores, including Apple and Google, to increase audience reach and monetization through advertising.

FUEL +’s dynamic handling of video also has the benefit of creating short clips and teaser videos for social media platforms to generate buzz for content. While not considered a revenue generator in its own right, social media has the power to build and nurture thriving content communities.

How to thrive in today’s new era of storytelling

With innovative new technologies in place, there is every reason for broadcasters to be optimistic. The industry has been crying out for efficient ways of providing multi-distribution strategies for video, and the pandemic has only accelerated this demand. Bitcentral has been at the forefront of the evolution of the media landscape for over two decades now and is ready to support broadcasters through the latest shift in the paradigm. With a focus on product development, often in partnership with customers, the company has worked tirelessly to ensure broadcasters have the most efficient media workflow solutions available and are prepared for the future.

With FUEL +, media companies can unlock the significant revenue opportunities available today and in the future, while ensuring audiences enjoy broadcast-grade television when and where they want to watch. And now they have more flexibility than ever in how they pay for content. With the right technology in place, broadcasters are able to maximize their return on investment in content and ensure they remain doing so in the future. There is a fantastic opportunity to seize new audience engagement opportunities and build successful monetization strategies for the long term.

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