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Broadcasters joining forces to create a D2C OTT offering in the Netherlands

Mon 10, 06 2019

Neils Baas, Managing Director, NLZIET
Andrew Knight, Engagement Director – Managed OTT, Red Bee Media

NLZIET, a combined initiative by Dutch Public Broadcaster NPO and commercial broadcasters RTL and Talpa TV, was looking to improve their streaming service in order to create a viable alternative for linear TV in the Netherlands. Red Bee Media was selected as the crucial supplier to be able to deliver on this brand promise, with a fast-to-market, scalable, secure and future proof cloud based service. This session outlines the journey NLZIET has made so far and uncovers some of the most important challenges and learnings of this unique cooperation between rival broadcasters. It highlights the challenges and opportunities of the OTT business model, the importance of scalability (incl. what it takes to deliver this) and short time to market when starting an OTT Service. Flexibility, scalability and improving the viewer experience are key concepts that are touched upon in this talk.

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