The Best of All Worlds - Integrated Global Workflows with Cloudian and eMAM

This webinar will explore how a cloud-enabled media asset management platform and an on-prem S3 object storage system combine to create a versatile and cost-effective distributed production solution. eMAM inc. is a well well-respected solution for connecting creative people regardless of their physical location. Cloudian Hyperstore provides a low cost, high density, means of storing large scale volumes of media data. Together they lay the foundation for a hybrid-cloud workflow that optimizes costs while empowering remote crews to collaborate across the globe.

  • Store media online and make available by utilizing low-cost object storage
  • Search through assets using an intuitive web-based interface
  • Share media with crew members on any device worldwide
  • Tag media with custom and AI auto-generated metadata
  • Create hybrid-cloud workflows that mix on-prem and cloud solutions
  • Eliminate tape as a backup and archiving data destination